About Us

Al Kharraz Industrial Co. was founded in 1989. Production started shortly after in 1991, leading the way for it to become one of the biggest companies in its field in the MENA region.

Since its establishment, the company has been dedicated to improve its roster of products related to flexible printing inks for the packaging industry. The company has been always keen on investing in itself to provide the best services for its customers.


Mission Statement

To provide the best printing solutions for all our clients, with better services and the most competitive prices.


Vision Statement

Our aim is to provide ink solutions for different printing companies. To do this, we have gathered some of the most skilled and experienced industry professionals to work together under one roof.

We also aim to produce the best Liquid Ink Quality, by using new and improved machineries to achieve the best quality possible. We have laboratory equipments which are used by the top global ink companies.