With an automated dispersing and milling system, our production team makes sure mistakes are minimal in the manufacturing of our inks and varnishes. With an on-growing production plant, we are able to produce more than one product at the same time, always aiming to produce the desired product in time to be delivered to the customer. Our current production capacity reaches 15000 ton per year.


Sales and Purchase

Our sales team makes sure to visit our customers when possible to fully understand which products are suitable to each customer. We make it a point to see our products being used on-site to help both our customers to pick the best products for their printers and substrates, and help our laboratory staff to customize products suitable for the customer.

Our purchase team is always working on finding the best raw materials from around the world to ensure our products are of the best quality. Each purchase is then tested by the laboratory staff to guarantee the product is of required quality.



Maintaining quality is essential in our work. Our Quality Control and Quality Assurance staff makes sure our products are of required quality at all times. The best quality of products and services are guaranteed, and we make sure of that with our documentation. And as proof of our dedication to quality, we have been certified with both the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.


Research and Development

A dedicated team of chemists and a laboratory full of the best equipment join forces to continuously improve our existing products and work on making new ones that are relevant to the current market. The team also works on customizing new products for the customer, if the customer requires it. The R&D department is fully aware of the latest trends in this field and strives to make the company up-to-date with the rest of the world. The laboratory is equipped with a large variety of instruments that test our products to the limit, all to guarantee the best products for our customers.


Technical Services

Our team of lab technicians is happy to help the customers by providing any technical services the customers may need. It works closely with the research and development laboratory to fix any problem a customer may have, and provide samples for new customers or old customers that need new products.


Solvents Warehouse

Our solvents warehouse is more than just storage space for our solvents; the automated system installed allows it to also make different solvent mixtures needed for both the factory’s production of inks and varnishes or to be sold separately to customers, a feat aimed to make our company unique and be a window for customers to buy solvents that are produced both locally and internationally. It is unique in the way that it has a variety of solvents that are sold individually, and its ability to mix different solvents depending on the need of the production unit or be customized as the customer wishes. Our solvents warehouse, like the rest of the factory, is protected by a highly efficient wet pipe sprinkler system to guarantee the safety of the staff, factory and environment.